Leadership Coaching

What does it mean to be a coaching leader?

It is critical for leaders to be a coach, and that is the wave of the future, as opposed to the top-down mentality. We want leaders to promote self-reliant problem solvers. What is happening when we aren’t doing that is getting passive employees who don’t take ownership and responsibility for their outcome, whether successful or not.

What are some common mistakes you see leaders make?

Not being in-tuned enough to understand their own triggers with people. When I have to sit across from someone who is making excuses, we have to come more out of curiosity than judgment. We have to stay in tune with ourselves to stay in tune with what is going on.

What advice do you have for people who are in a leadership role for the very first time?

Make sure you know who you are and what influences you. Do a deep dive to work on your emotional intelligence. What are the stressors that make you more reactive and less responsive? Understand your communication style. Too many leaders are not aware enough of their own strengths, weaknesses and values.

How has the pandemic evolved leadership? What behaviors or standards would you like to see leaders embrace as we come out of the pandemic?

If you are not a leader who has learned to pivot, adapt and be resilient, you are probably struggling a lot. Moving forward, a lot of ways t the pandemic can make you or break you. If you have a resilience mindset, you are really setting an example for others in your business. Life is a lot of pandemic situations: in our heads, we think it should go smoothly, but in life, we have a lot of dips and valleys in the road. Part of being able to navigate is being able to coach through those moments.

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